5 June 08:45-16:30Filmhuset

Would you like to be a part of our innovative community?

We need to become local, while at the same time we need to share our knowledge across the world.

Each neighbourhood has its own personality, its own community, its own challenges, and its own goals. Together, we strive not only to understand the unique character of each neighborhood, but we are also driven by the vision to revive and renew the properties. By integrating modern technology and sustainable solutions, we are building not just a smart city block by block, but also rejuvenating the properties and creating a vibrant and dynamic environment. Our community is a place where innovation and renewal go hand in hand to meet the unique challenges and goals of each neighborhood.

Why should you attend? 

  • Build, laugh, and network as you get to know your peers in a relaxed and fun environment
  • Dive into collaborative discussions in our Round Table session
  • Gain valuable knowledge from industry leaders

We are proud to welcome you to our annual event 'The Building Blocks for the Future'."

    The events will be held on the 5th (English) and 4th (Swedish) of Juni in Stockholm

    Thought Leaders who will join us

    Anna Jerlmyr
    Former mayor of Stockholm and former Vice chair C40

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    Sarah Hopley
    Head of Venture Studio, Crisis, Ending Homelessness

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    Emma Henriksson
    CINO Chief Innovation Officer, Skandia Fastigheter

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    Daniel Kraft
    Partner at Stronghold Invest

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    Anna Brännström
    Head of ESG and impact, Revelop

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    Per Svensson
    CEO, Croisette Real Estate Partner

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    Mattias Lindström
    Head of Products and Technology, Peab

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    Henrik Ahnström
    Director of Product, Process & Innovation, Skanska

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    Markus Mittler
    Technology & Sustainability Officer, Brunswick Real Estate

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    Roger Tofft
    CEO, PropTech Sweden

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    Dirk Paelinck
    Chairman European PropTech Association

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    Everything you need to know about the event

    There will be networking, knowledge sharing, and food & drinks.

    Cancellation and No-Show Policy: We care about providing the best experience for everyone engaged in our community, so we have a Cancellation Policy and No-Show Policy which are handled as follows.

    Climate Compensation Policy:
    If you cancel within 14 days of the event, tickets are not refunded but you can give the ticket to a friend.

    No-Show Policy:
    If you do not attend the event and do not cancel your ticket, you will get a RED CARD and not be eligible for future tickets to 6 upcoming months.